American Halal Beef

American Halal Beef
Welcome to American Halal Beef.Com. Our "American Halal Beef Steaks" are processed in "State-Of-The-Art", Muslim-Owned and Operated Plant devoted to Halal slaughter in Los Angeles, California, USA.

All our "Halal Beef" comes from cattle raised and slaughtered in The USA under our supervision. Our "American Halal Beef" is aged for 21 days or more for perfection. We supply "American 21 Days Aged Halal Beef in cases, Portion controlled Steaks and Burgers" to our valued on line customers, international hotel chains, restaurants, hospitals, airlines, cruises, institutions and govt. agencies all over US and around the world.

The concept of Halal and Zabihah is very important to practicing Muslims. Halal is an Arabic word meaning allowed or lawful. The word Zabihah means to slaughter animals in accordance to Sharia. To determine whether the meat is considered Zabihah Halal:

The animal should be slaughtered with an invocation of blessing from God. Slaughtering also requires slitting the front neck from the vein to vein. The blood should be drained completely before the head is removed. The animal should be in legal possession of the owner, i.e. one cannot slaughter without legal possession. The animal is not sick or tortured. The animal needs to be slaughter by a Muslim. An animal cannot be slaughter in front of another animal. Hand slaughter. Zabihah Halal is promoting animal welfare. We need to be kind and humane to the animals that are slaughtered. We also need to make sure that we minimize the risk of diseases that are in the blood of an animal by draining the blood.

Halal Beef Bacon - 3 Lbs.
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Halal Beef Bacon - 3 Lbs. HALALBEEFBACON
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